1880 Pattern Forage caps


foragecap1880 001.JPG


foragecap1880general 002.JPG

General and Field Marshall

foragecap1880re 006.JPG

Royal Engineers

 foragecap1880rifles 002.JPG


 foragecap1880royal 001.JPG

Infantry Royal Regiments

 foragecap1880sg 001.JPG

Scots Guards

 foragecap1880rs 001.JPG

Royal Scots

foragecap1880ra 002.JPG

Royal Artillery

foragecap18802lg 002.JPG

2nd Life Guards

foragecap1880police 001.JPG

Police type 1

foragecap1880police 007.JPG

Police type 2

foragecap1880police 012.JPG

Police type 3



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