Household Cavalry Jackboots

Sale now on.

 Shown below are all of the pairs of boots in stock. Click on the images for larger pictures.

Please note that the calf measurement given is external around the boot.

All of these boots are well used, dirty and have some amount of damage/ defect. With a little bit of cleaning and hard work most of these can be made to be wearable.

Jackboots 01  Size 8 x17 inch calf 100. Please note: These are not matching. Right boot is 1 inch taller than the left boot.

Right boot has a new toe cap and sole and repair to a side split. Left boot has cross cut on toe. Spur rest has detatched. Inside lining is dry and cracked/ crumbling.

jackboots01 001.JPG

jackboots01 002.JPG

jackboots01 003.JPG

jackboots01 004.JPG

jackboots01 001

jackboots01 002

jackboots01 003

jackboots01 004

jackboots01 005.JPG

jackboots01 006.JPG

jackboots01 007.JPG


jackboots01 005

jackboots01 006

jackboots01 007



Jackboots 04  Size 8 x17 inch calf 100. Split side.

jackboots04 001.JPG

jackboots04 002.JPG

jackboots04 003.JPG

jackboots04 004.JPG

jackboots04 001

jackboots04 002

jackboots04 003

jackboots04 004

jackboots04 005.JPG

jackboots04 006.JPG



jackboots04 005

jackboots04 006




 Jackboots 06 Size 8 x16 inch calf  75. Badly sewn - poor repair.

jackboots06 001.JPG

jackboots06 002.JPG

jackboots06 003.JPG

jackboots06 004.JPG

jackboots06 001

jackboots06 002

jackboots06 003

jackboots06 004

jackboots06 005.JPG

jackboots06 006.JPG

jackboots06 007.JPG


jackboots06 005

jackboots06 006

jackboots06 007



Jackboots 09 Size 9 x17 inch calf  200. Exact matching pair. Missing horseshoe included. Very small split.

jackboots09 001.JPG

jackboots09 002.JPG

jackboots09 003.JPG

jackboots09 004.JPG

jackboots09 001

jackboots09 002

jackboots09 003

jackboots09 004

jackboots09 005.JPG

jackboots09 006.JPG

jackboots09 007.JPG

jackboots09 008.JPG

jackboots09 005

jackboots09 006

jackboots09 007

jackboots09 008

jackboots09 009.JPG




jackboots09 009





Jackboots 10 Size 10 x18 inch calf . 250. Cut corners refixed. New soles. Now cleaned up a little too!

jackboots10 001.JPG

jackboots10 002.JPG

jackboots10 003.JPG

jackboots10 004.JPG

jackboots10 001

jackboots10 002

jackboots10 003

jackboots10 004

jackboots10 006.JPG




jackboots10 005




jackboots no10 (1) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (2) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (3) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (4) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (1) (Large)

jackboots no10 (2) (Large)

jackboots no10 (3) (Large)

jackboots no10 (4) (Large)

jackboots no10 (5) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (6) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (7) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (8) (Large).JPG

jackboots no10 (5) (Large)

jackboots no10 (6) (Large)

jackboots no10 (7) (Large)

jackboots no10 (8) (Large)

jackboots no10 (9) (Large).JPG




jackboots no10 (9) (Large)




Jackboots 11 Size 11 x19 inch calf 100. Missing Heel.

jackboots11 001.JPG

jackboots11 002.JPG

jackboots11 003.JPG

jackboots11 004.JPG

jackboots11 001

jackboots11 002

jackboots11 003

jackboots11 004

jackboots11 005.JPG

jackboots11 006.JPG

jackboots11 007.JPG


jackboots11 005

jackboots11 006

jackboots11 007



Jackboots 12 Size 10 x18 inch calf  100. Split rear seam.

jackboots12 001.JPG

jackboots12 002.JPG

jackboots12 003.JPG

jackboots12 004.JPG

jackboots12 001

jackboots12 002

jackboots12 003

jackboots12 004

jackboots12 005.JPG

jackboots12 006.JPG

jackboots12 007.JPG


jackboots12 005

jackboots12 006

jackboots12 007



Jackboots 13 Size 11 x18 inch calf  100. Split rear seam.

jackboots13 001.JPG

jackboots13 002.JPG

jackboots13 003.JPG

jackboots13 004.JPG

jackboots13 001

jackboots13 002

jackboots13 003

jackboots13 004

jackboots13 005.JPG

jackboots13 006.JPG

jackboots13 007.JPG


jackboots13 005

jackboots13 006

jackboots13 007



Jackboots 15 Size 11 x17 inch calf 150. Worn heel. Replacement horseshoe included.

jackboots15 001.JPG

jackboots15 002.JPG

jackboots15 003.JPG

jackboots15 004.JPG

jackboots15 001

jackboots15 002

jackboots15 003

jackboots15 004

jackboots15 005.JPG

jackboots15 006.JPG

jackboots15 007.JPG

jackboots15 008.JPG

jackboots15 005

jackboots15 006

jackboots15 007

jackboots15 008



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