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Who are we?


We are a well established Network of friends of all ages from all over Southern England (and up to Liecester in fact) (We even have an international membership with a number of members from Wales), with a similar interest, who specialise in portraying Victorian gentlefolk with a great range of award winning characters in authentic period costumes; Gentlemen, Ladies, Officers, Children and on occasion a few of the ‘lower classes’ as well. A fine group for adding that extra Victorian flavor to any event. Feel free to ask us questions, admire our outfits and have your photograph taken with us as we stroll around.

Available for Fete's, Fairs, Corporate themed events, TV and Film work.

We started out being mostly related in some way. Mum, Dad, Nan, Grandad and the children, Auntie and Cousin etc. Our numbers have now swelled to around 75+ with new members that we have either met at events, or have joined us from the internet.

We are based in England in the U.K.

We have been attending various Dickens and Victorian festivals around the Sussex, Kent/ Essex area now since approx 2003.

Most of our outfits are handmade by ourselves mostly from scratch. Some of the items that we wear are adapted from modern clothing.

Events that we Usually attend:

Rochester Dickens Festival, May- June

Broadstairs Dickens Festival, June

Rochester Christmas Dickens Festival, December

Visit our events page for other events.

Membership information:

Interested in joining us? Email us and ask for more information.

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