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2010 Page 2

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Please note that the images in these galleries show 'The Victorian Strollers' as well as other people who are in no way associated with our group, at events where other people and groups also attend in Victorian attire. To identify which of these are members of our group please refer to our Group members page.

Dickensworld May

Didnt get to take many pictures on this occasion.

2010_dickensworldmay 001.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 002.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 003.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 006.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 007.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 008.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 009.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 010.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 011.jpg

2010_dickensworldmay 012.jpg



Rochester Dickens Festival June


Also visit www.rochesterdickensfestival.org.uk

2010Rochdickens 002.JPG

2010Rochdickens 003.JPG

2010Rochdickens 004.JPG

2010Rochdickens 002

2010Rochdickens 003

2010Rochdickens 004

2010Rochdickens 005.JPG

2010Rochdickens 006.JPG

2010Rochdickens 007.JPG

2010Rochdickens 005

2010Rochdickens 006

2010Rochdickens 007

2010Rochdickens 008.JPG

2010Rochdickens 009.JPG

2010Rochdickens 010.JPG

2010Rochdickens 008

2010Rochdickens 009

2010Rochdickens 010

2010Rochdickens 012.JPG

2010Rochdickens 013.JPG

2010Rochdickens 014.JPG

2010Rochdickens 012

2010Rochdickens 013

2010Rochdickens 014

2010Rochdickens 015.JPG

2010Rochdickens 016.JPG

2010Rochdickens 017.JPG

2010Rochdickens 015

2010Rochdickens 016

2010Rochdickens 017

2010Rochdickens 018.JPG

2010Rochdickens 019.JPG

2010Rochdickens 020.JPG

2010Rochdickens 018

2010Rochdickens 019

2010Rochdickens 020

2010Rochdickens 021.JPG

2010Rochdickens 022.JPG

2010Rochdickens 023.JPG

2010Rochdickens 021

2010Rochdickens 022

2010Rochdickens 023

2010Rochdickens 024.JPG

2010Rochdickens 025.JPG

2010Rochdickens 026.JPG

2010Rochdickens 024

2010Rochdickens 025

2010Rochdickens 026

2010Rochdickens 027.JPG

2010Rochdickens 030.JPG

2010Rochdickens 031.JPG

2010Rochdickens 027

2010Rochdickens 030

2010Rochdickens 031

2010Rochdickens 032.JPG

2010Rochdickens 033.JPG

2010Rochdickens 034.JPG

2010Rochdickens 032

2010Rochdickens 033

2010Rochdickens 034

2010Rochdickens 035.JPG

2010Rochdickens 036.JPG

2010Rochdickens 037.JPG

2010Rochdickens 035

2010Rochdickens 036

2010Rochdickens 037

2010Rochdickens 040.JPG

2010Rochdickens 041.JPG

2010Rochdickens 042.JPG

2010Rochdickens 040

2010Rochdickens 041

2010Rochdickens 042

2010Rochdickens 043.JPG

2010Rochdickens 045.JPG

2010Rochdickens 048.JPG

2010Rochdickens 043

2010Rochdickens 045

2010Rochdickens 048

2010Rochdickens 049.JPG

2010Rochdickens 050.JPG

2010Rochdickens 051.JPG

2010Rochdickens 049

2010Rochdickens 050

2010Rochdickens 051

2010Rochdickens 052.JPG

2010Rochdickens 054.JPG

2010Rochdickens 055.JPG

2010Rochdickens 052

2010Rochdickens 054

2010Rochdickens 055

2010Rochdickens 056.JPG

2010Rochdickens 057.JPG

2010Rochdickens 060.JPG

2010Rochdickens 056

2010Rochdickens 057

2010Rochdickens 060

2010Rochdickens 061.JPG

2010Rochdickens 063.JPG

2010Rochdickens 064.JPG

2010Rochdickens 061

2010Rochdickens 063

2010Rochdickens 064

2010Rochdickens 065.JPG

2010Rochdickens 066.JPG


2010Rochdickens 065

2010Rochdickens 066


Some great photo sets on flickr too:











The Story of Belgravia London June

An event put on by Shining Wit Ltd. Photos by Ray Frensham and Sean Canning:

More photos from Sean here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/retro_mark/sets/72157600951146155/?page=8


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