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If what you are looking for is not listed below please contact me and I could probably get it made!

To place an order email us with your requirements

Email: steve@victorianstrollers.co.uk

Paypal accepted. Ship worldwide! Ask for details.


Repro Officers Waist sash



Sizes 38, 42. 44

Also available in Red

80 plus postage.

ebay26jan 003.JPG



Repro Lancers Officers Girdle


Made to order. 6 to 8 weeks delivery from placement of order.

Gold mylar and red material on nylon backing.

Please state waist size.

60 plus postage.





Repro Lancers Other ranks Girdle


Made to order. 2 to 3 weeks delivery from placement of order.

Please state waist size.

40 plus postage.

My Lancer Girdles are made from original material with correct type brass toggles exactly as the originals.





Hussar Troopers Barrel Sash Belts


Napoleonic through Crimea

Crimson and 4 Yellow Barrels

Blue and 4 Yellow Barrrels.

Blue and 4 white Barrels.

Suit waist 36+.

60 plus postage.

Crimson and 6 Gold Barrels, Officers type 90

Variations available on request.


Officers Crimson silky shoulder sash


Can be worn as a waist belt or shoulder sash. Crimean period.

40 Each


ebay4nov 062.JPG 

White Leather Footguards Belts



Slade Wallis 3 piece pattern. Modern without the rear brass loops.

Includes Brass GS buckle.

Most sizes. Please state waist size when ordering.

45 plus postage.


ebay26jan 007.JPG 

Brass Belt Buckles


Brass GS buckle.

10 plus postage.


ebay16nov 029.JPG 

White Leather Household Cavalry Belts



Includes Brass square plate buckle. Without badge.

Please state waist size when ordering.

45 plus postage.


 Image to follow

White Leather Sword Belts



Includes Brass GS buckle.

Please state waist size required.

55 plus postage.



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