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If what you are looking for is not listed below please contact me and I could probably get it made!

To place an order email us with your requirements and your location

Email: steve@victorianstrollers.co.uk

Paypal accepted. Ship worldwide! Ask for details.


Red and Gold officers shoulder sashes



60 inches long. 2 1/2 inches wide.

50 plus postage.




Horse Shoes for Ammo boots and Jackboots


Original replacement horse shoes for the heels of your boots. Nails NOT supplied.

Sold individually

5 each

Both sides shown in pictures.


image to follow

Repro Grey collarless undershirt



Victorian style worn under tunic.




Repro 1871 Valise packs


A passable repro Valise for the 171 Valise webbing equipment.

Made from leather look vinyl with real leather straps. Made for and used in the 2002 remake 'The Four Feathers'. Does not include side straps.

50 plus postage

Complete webbing sets with 24th buckle available at 150 plus postage.



Repro 1871 Valise pattern straps


Made from a thick wool felt with linen backing. Made for the film 'The Four Feathers'.

Look the part when whitened.

Only Right side straps left. Can be altered to make a left side.

10 pair



Repro 1867 pattern Haversack General service

White bread bag.



As used during the Zulu war.

Made from a thick cotton canvas





Repro 1880 pattern Haversack General service

White bread bag.



Made from a thick cotton canvas

Does not have internal divider or loop.




Out of stock


Repro Black leather gaiters



Made from a thick black leather. Brass fittings and metalwork.

Regulation 11 inch high.

Small- 13 inches between eyelets 15 inches overall. IN STOCK

Medium- 15 inches between eyelets 17 inches overall. IN STOCK

Large- 17 inches between eyelets 19 inches overall. IN STOCK

Extra Large- 19 inches between eyelets 21 inches overall. IN STOCK

40 pair


ebay4nov 056.JPG 

White Cavalry Gauntlets



Used. Genuine Army issue.

Horse Guards, Life Guards etc.

25 per pair plus postage.


ebay14oct 016.JPG 

Genuine issue spurs


 Please state with or without prongs.

If your boots do not have spur boxes these can be easily modified so that they can be screw fixed to the heal of your boots.

15 pair plus postage



ebay26jan 006.JPG 

Gold cord Sword Knot



Heavy metal gold cord used.

15 plus postage



Royal Marines band Drummers dress cords



12 each.



Other Uniforms and equipment


 Other Uniforms and equipment may be obtainable, such as:

  • Household Cavalry Tunics 'Blues and Royals' and Scarlet Life Guards
  • Grenadier Guards Tunics etc
  • Sashes
  • White Belts
  • Sam Brown's
  • Lanyards and cords
  • Spurs Infantry Silver or Brass
  • Capes Grey Wool Infantry type
  • Great coats.
  • White leather Gauntlets

Please contact us for specific requirements.

Help and advice given.



Victorian memorabilia



The Victorian Household Pack
This pack contains all the items shown in the image.

6.00 plus postage.

Click on the picture to order.


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