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If what you are looking for is not listed below please contact me and I could probably get it made!

To place an order email us with your requirements

Email: steve@victorianstrollers.co.uk

Paypal accepted. Ship worldwide! Ask for details.




Household Cavalry Helmets



Red plume for Royal Horse Guards & 1st Draggons 'Blues and Royals.

White plume for Life Guards

 Please click on picture for more details.

Currently unavailable.

t.b.c plus postage


 Genuine plumes (used) 50 White or Red.



1855 Pattern Officers Forrage cap


 Blue cloth with flat leather peak. Black Oak leaf band.

 Please click on pictures for more details.

Most sizes available in stock

50 plus postage




70 for Scottish banding plus postage



1880 Pattern Officers Forrage cap


 Blue cloth with Gold trimmed titlted peak.

Comes with black Oak leaf braid as standard.

 Please click on pictures for more details.

Size 56, 58 & 60cm in stock

65 plus postage

 Can be supplied with Red band, Gold band or Scottish diced band at extra cost.


Household cavalry horse hair plumes


Genuine original horse hair plumes

White or Red

50 Each



Repro Home Service Helmets Other Ranks


I have been able to source a new manufacturer of quality Home Service Helmets complete with all metal work.

The Helmets are made of pressed cork with a covering of blue wool napped cloth exactly as the originals were made. The shape is excellent and the helmets are waterproof and strong. Supplied to and used by British Army bands and Cadet bands.

Any size complete with all fittings. Specify brass, bright electro gilt plate (modern Army requirement - not to be polished), or bright nickel plate.  Fitings comprise a pair of rosettes, a crosspiece, a spike or a ball ornament (ball not available in brass), and a curbcahin on black leather. 

Only size 55cm now available 360 plus postage

Chin Chains 40 plus postage.

Individual components on request.

Helmet Plates available separately. Ask for price.


Brass Helmet Dome 001.JPGBrass Helmet Dome 003.JPG

Brass Foreign Service helmet domes



15 Each


vented domes 003.JPGvented domes 002.JPG

Brass Vented helmet domes



10 Each Without Spike



vic stock 032.JPG

Pill Box hats - Kilmarnock caps



I have found a small supply of these hats. All small sized.

Plain 25 plus postage.





Original Glengarry Caps


Original modern made issue Glengarry's identical to the Victorian ones. Various sizes.

15 plus postage



Repro 1857 pattern Busby



Very good look alike. Wearable. Made from Man made acrylic fur

Click on the picture for more pictures of this Busby.

Made to order. 8 to 10 weeks. please state head size.

Royal Engineer Busby shown (Blue bag). Other Regiments available. Please state regiment required. Brass Plume holder may not have the correct badge. I am using slightly modified Royal Scots Fusiliers badges which when done look very much like the correct plume holder. (Not like the one shown in this picture).

From 80

Click here for more pictures


Royal Horse Artillery Busby cords


Genuine original RHA Busby cords.

New cord fitted to original fittings. Slight colour mis-match.

These are the long ones that go from Tunic to Busby

35 Each


Royal Horse Artillery Busby cords


Genuine original RHA Busby cords

These are the three width cords that go round the Busby. Made to order. Please supply a measurement around your busby (pulled tight through the fur).

20 Each


Hussar Officers Busby cords


These are the long ones that go from Tunic to Busby. Approx 2m long.

45 Each



Royal Horse Artillery Busby Bags


Genuine original RHA Busby bags

These have been slashed by MOD disposals but can be easily repaired with a little sewing skill.

10 Each Out of Stock



Repro 1855 pattern Second Albert (French) Shako



Very good look alike. Wearable. Made from Felt and vinyl floor covering.

Made to order. 8 to 10 weeks. please state head size and rank.

Shako plate included without numerals (Cast resin & painted brass colour)

Rear Medusa head ventilator included cast from a mould of an original!

 From 100

Shako plate separate 20 plus postage.



 Rifle Regiments Brigade and Kings Royal Rifle Corps Busbies 1891


Officers pattern made to order from genuine reclaimed Astrakhan lambs wool. Real leather (to sweat band). Cork lined. Without badges


Click here for more pictures

Plume only 10 (other colours may be available)

Other ranks pattern made from synthetic seal fur

100 without badges

 Also available as current issue Rifles band pattern Shakoes.



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