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 Scratch built Kings Royal Rifle Corps Officers Busby according to 1891 Dress Regulations.

Busby black Persian lambskin, height in front 5 inches, rising to 6 inches in the centre of each side of the Busby and sloping back to the bottom edge. The crown of rifle green cloth with figured ornament of special pattern

 Cork core covered with imitation Lambs wool fleece

 Plume from cut down feather duster

 Square plait cords stitched in place

 Crown on corded boss. Cap badge below



 Boss with crown from old wood door knob

 Bugle badges to both sides

This Busby has been recreated/ replicated by working from notes and pictures, and by studying a more modern version of the real thing. If anyone has any comments or can spot any errors or omissions please contact me so that I can put things right.

Although dress regulations states black feather plume with ring of scarlet feathers, most pictures show scarlet feathers with black ring. Some pictures show a hair plume instead. Perhaps someone somewhere can help explain this.

Ring at rear for cord attachment





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